Mathias Dus

  • Paris, France
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Work experience

Postdoc École des ponts et chaussées (2022-2024)

Postdoc in applied mathematics at École des ponts paritech on machine learning applied to partial differential equations.

Data scientist Deeplinks (2021-2022)

Knwoledge management for the french nuclear industry. Use of graph databases for a better conservation and transmission of knowledge in large institutions. Neo4J, ArangoDB, Tensorflow for natural language processing tasks, Spacy, ReactJS, Python.

Phd student Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse (2018-2021)

PhD student at Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse of Mathematics in Control Theory of Partial Differential Equations. I studied stabilization properties of continuous and discretized systems of 1D transport Partial Differential Equations (PDE).

Here is a link to my manuscript.

Research internship Université Grenobles Alpes (2018)

Research on stabilization of hyperbolic PDEs via saturated controls.


Phd Applied Mathematics Institut de mathématiques de toulouse (2018-2021)

Msc in applied mathematics Imperial College of London (2016-2017)

Functional analysis, aerodynamics, stochastic processes, dynamical systems, general relativity...

Engineering degree Isae Supaéro (2014-2018)

Aerodynamics and high performance computing (Head of promotion 2014)




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